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For Frosty Mornings and Summer Nights is a reissue of Type Records-signed Xela’s debut album, originally released on the now-defunct Neo Ouija label. This release comes with two bonus tracks (track 12 “A Glance” and track 13, “Danse Macabre”).

The first two or three tracks is the most upbeat this album gets. “Under the Glow of Streetlights”, seen in the video below, is the second track out of the album containing some great glitch effects set to a nice beat. However, as you progress throughout the record, it starts to get a bit more cold.

Track 04’s In Between Two Rooms exemplifies this: glitchy effects, but more calculated and distant. Cackles fizz in and out of existence while other IDM-esque effects pepper the background. Towards the end of the track, you can almost hear samples of rain drops being applied here but warped in such a way where it barely makes an impression. Subtle, but very worthwhile.

“Impulsive Behaviour” could be seen as a sort of a sequel to the previous “In Between Two Rooms”. While the beat work plays more of a role, the textures are characterized by yet more fizzles and then elaborated upon by winded software-based instrumentation, creating somewhat of a deep distance between the two. There are of course some ambient-esque sounds, however IDM is one of predominant structural foundations of which most of this record is based upon.

The middle of the album sees An Abandoned Robot, a bit of a departure from the previous mainly downtempo tracks in that it employs primarily bass as a driving force to move to song onward (as opposed to strictly glitch and other IDM effects seen in the first few tracks). A relatively high-pitched sound gradually emerges and fades as the bass continues to provide the backdrop to the track. Soon, it is content to let the high pitch (I use that term lightly) sound slide out of existence, ultimately driving the song to its conclusion.

“The Long Walk Home at Midnight” sees the return of glitch as the primary motivation to move itself onward and upward. This represents a change in the album in the sense that all of the beat work, effects, and structure all come together to do something a bit different. This song is very streamlined. Bass plays more of a role (uncharacteristically) compared to all songs before it. New effects emerge, but the distant, vocalless, downtempo-esque, and yet the certain melancholic feeling still remains rather comfortably.

Ultimately, this album has incredibly high replayability value. The two bonus tracks are very fitting to the rest of the record, making for a very well rounded and seasoned soundscape. Track 12’s “Danse Macabre” almost becomes a bit melodic toward its ending – inserting a large bit of fresh air to everything. The bottom line is that the album’s title is very appropriate for the kind of sounds that you’ll find (and enjoy) in here. Highly recommended.

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  1. The version posted for download only had the orginal 10 songs. Still very enjoyable.

  2. Definitely a sample from ‘The Happy Sea’ by Colleen, pitched down obviously.

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