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In 2009, Stendeck released “Sonnambula.” “Sonnambula” creates a unique environment in which the music transports the listener to different points in this environment. Glossy, celestial, interweaving chords are laced with glitches and distorted beats and makes for a listen with surprises at every new phrase, and new aural territory explored and exploited. Stendeck takes the almost polar opposites of electronic music and fuses them into a form that pushes boundaries of IDM, industrial, and ambient. The music emits a very personal, touching message through heartfelt, melancholic synths as heard in “Hunters of the Last Summer Breeze.” It draws the listener out this world, and into space for a view of the tiny specks of light millions of lightyears away.

With sounds that seem to tear at ones emotions, “Safari in the Blue Tails Cockatoo’s Garden” is an extremely powerful piece. From the second that screaming, piercing, guitar-like instrument bursts into the music it’s as though being catapulted through cascades of falling stars all around you, and the light from these stars pierces deep into your heart, and cleansing the mind, and simply filled with an entire spectrum of sounds at one time.

Over the course of the album, abstract thoughts and ideas contort and twist, evolve and grow to carry the listener to worlds unknown, and places undiscovered. With every listen this album becomes more and more enjoyable as, continually, different sounds emerge, and new interpretations can be made.

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Stendeck at Tympanik Audio



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  1. MegaUpload: Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.

  2. Ah, sorry about this one guys. Looks like Tympanik doesn’t like their albums being posted for download so they took it down.

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