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i slept in these clothes

Hi guys. Since January, I have consistently received a healthy amount of email regarding the status of Clothes HQ and whether or not I’ll be coming back to post once more (which is totally awesome). I’ve also been asked often whether or not I can “review” new material from budding artists and labels.

Well, it should be apparent by my listening activity that I am alive and well. And although pageviews have gradually decreased since our hiatus at the end of January this year, I find that I am still getting a decent amount of them which seems to indicate that the Internet just isn’t finished with this little page on the corner of the web.

Something to note is that my music tastes have shifted a bit into more of a house direction. This may or may not affect how much I potentially post from that genre. I still listen to a lot of idm, dnb, trance, dubstep, and what not though. And if I do start up again (based on feedback that I will get via email/comments), I’m going to need help on this post.

Sooo. What do you think? I appreciate any and all input. Email me or post a comment below (not sure why people would rather email me over posting below btw :p).


  1. Yes :D

  2. Yes !

  3. Do eet!

  4. Oh my god yes

  5. Yes, please!

  6. I vote yes!

  7. That would be great! ..and don’t worry about the shift in musical taste. We all do it, and house is a great genre in itself, so keep writing about the music that fuels your life!

  8. Yes Sir..

  9. New “Isleptintheseclothes” posts would make me shit my pants! DO IT!!!

  10. Simorq approves!

  11. Do it! I used to listen to house and techno only. Since I found your site, I am addicted to idm, ambient, glitch, modern classical, etc. Still no one of my friends can understand the taste of music I have, but who cares! You showed me that there is more than “normal” music and helped me to get an access to these different genres.

  12. Yes, please do. This place has offered consistently awesome reviews and I’m sure many others and myself included would hate to see this fantastic blog die.

    As for the house, bring it on. The more amazing genres covered here, the bigger the fanbase, thus the more views.

    Weird thing is, I was just thinking about this blog a few days ago too. Please don’t leave us. Even if you can only submit a review once a week, that’s better than none at all.

  13. Moar music please! : )

  14. yes please~
    great blog, in general

  15. best music blog works again :D:D:D:D:D:D

    yes yes yes :)

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