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Welcome back, everyone! I have the honor today of ushering in the next installment of ClothesHQ posts and I think you all will be pleasantly surprised with the albums and other releases we will discuss. While I cannot promise there will be a new post every day, rest assured the quality of our posts will remain constant, and hopefully this will give everyone more time to digest the music. ;) Now, onward!

posted by Unctuous

Dating back into the 1980s, “And the Stars Go With You” reaches far into the future, and into the infinite cosmos. As far as ambient albums go, this is a gem that belongs in every ambient music lover’s collection. Jonn Serrie has composed a masterpiece of rich, ambient atmospheres that depict the beauty, wonder, and vastness of space.

Each piece is like a theme to different aspects of space; from the depths of space’s emptiness, to the different galaxies and other celestial bodies, the music guides you gracefully on a journey through the heavens. Soothing, and evolving textures mix and build on each other to give birth to absolutely gorgeous palettes of sound that are way ahead of its time.

The history behind this album is that it was originally composed for the Teacher in Space program at NASA. In 1986, while the music was being written, the Challenger Space Shuttle accident occurred that killed the seven assigned astronauts.

Serrie dedicated this album in memory of the crew and as a way to honor them. You can hear how much this affected Serrie in the melodic progressions that seem longing and heartfelt. This album describes not only the unspoken stories of space, but it tells the story of the astronauts who lost their lives on that fateful day. Some moments are sorrowful, while other passages are full of hope, and peer into the future while light glistens in the starry skies.

Smart, and forward thinking, Serrie sets a precedent for the genre of ambient, and more specifically space music. There is inspiration and so many layers of ideas expressed in this album, yet it is concise and thoughtful; organized to create the most beautiful and luscious soundscapes that lets the listener have a planet’s eye view as it makes its flight around a solar system. So sit back, relax, and let this album take you on a majestic, galactic adventure through the many territories of the universe.

More information at:

Jonn Serrie official website



Buy this release at:

– New World Music


Download. (Original release)


  1. Haha, yes! This looks interesting, will have to download.

  2. This is bliss!

    Just a few days ago i read about these astronauts in my philosophy manual, apparently the engineers knew that it could be fatal to go into space with that ship, seems they were right.

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