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‘sup guys?

I’m really not sure how to start this one off. When I first heard Tryshasla, it came off immediately as one of the finest records that I had ever had the pleasure of listening to – a sentiment that still remains to this day.

Not necessarily straying too far from brother-album Tryshasla in terms of sound and structure, Secede (aka Lennard van der Last) managed quite successfully in creating a piece of work that compliments his ability to aurally paint wonderfully detailed soundscapes that explode with vibrancy in Silent Flower Observers.

Cliché or not, the man has an intriguing signature that I haven’t been quite able to find in other artists within the same musical vein. It doesn’t really take much time to ascertain and make sense of how the man puts his feelings and thoughts onto the record. He even sings in some of these tracks; quite low key and “private”-like.

Much like Tryshasla, Silent Flower Observers doesn’t really have any primary backbone as far as pure musical structure – the sounds heard within this album subscribe to spontaneity and not too much more. Wonderful pads accompany tasteful vocal sampling and warm beatwork, ultimately coming together to create a wholly unified and magical work of art.

In reality, a wide range of sounds can be heard upon entering the daydream world of Secede’s records. From the distant, threatlessness of thunderstorms opening to an audience at (in my mind) a magic show clapping in appreciation to a magician’s trick. The nature of this album means that it can contently and quietly enables its listener’s imagination to soar to stratospheric heights as a result of its expansive, lighthearted dreamworld.

The general consensus is that Secede’s breakthrough musical moment is with the release of Tryshasla (very much a defining and heavily influential album within the idm/electronic music world), however Silent Flower Observers seems to be a bit overlooked, maybe as a result of the fact that the man himself canceled it for reasons not currently known (even the Sending Orbs website offers just a vague one-liner sentence on this subject).

Unavailable physically, unfortunately.

P.S, I’m already seeing that this post could be written a bit better, but give me some time and I’m sure I’ll reconnect with my vocabulary sooner or later.

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  1. hm, tryshasla is one of my all time favorites and i listen to a lot of bye bye gridlock traffic too but i’ve never listened to this one in full; will have to do that now

  2. This album actually always kind of made me very uncomfortable. It always reminded me of what existence would precede hell. Probably just got those ideas based on the name of some of the songs but I’m gonna have to really dive into this one like I have his others.

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