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posted by Unctuous

Recently I came across Protoculture while browsing through Beatport’s charts for psytrance and it instantly caught my attention. Clocking in at only 9 tracks, the album manages to deliver more than just an incredible high speed, high altitude ride. What sets this apart from other psytrance is that this music is very melodically driven, not relying only on “trippy” sounding synths, but there are concrete musical ideas that provide movement and energy.

The production quality is also outstanding. The synths are huge and punchy, the drums are solid, pounding, and floor filling for maximum immersion. It definitely possesses a sort of epic quality which is another reason I was so drawn to it. Having a background in symphonies and orchestras, I’ve had an affinity towards the bigger, and more spacious music. The use of arpeggiators is also brilliantly implemented to add a more harmonic impact as well as nuances and ambiences in the background.

From the very beginning to the very end, the tracks build in intensity until finally exploding in an all-out frenzy of hard-hitting synths. What impresses me most about Protoculture’s style is his ways of building tension and his ability to draw out these colossal climaxes that lets loose an onslaught of power, like an aural monsoon.

I especially love the use of trance gates to add movement and a little spice to great lead sounds. Manipulated in creative ways for syncopated rhythms, they are coupled with shifting lowpass filters that add a deeper texture and keep the tracks bouncing. The sweeps and crashes are also wonderfully crafted. While there are many of these more subtle rises and falls, they do not feel overused, but rather appropriate to introduce a new phrase or idea.

Definitely a top notch psytrance release. Protoculture goes above and beyond the traditional label of psytrance to something more engaging.

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  1. I love the fact that these guys chose PROTOCULTURE as their name. — Loved the track to bits, I’ll check the whole thing right now.

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