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posted by Unctuous

Out from the depths crawls Mathias Mootz’s, better known as The Panacea, latest album “Chiropteran.” A truly massive release that showcases only the best of his signature sinister, raunchy style. The sounds are dirty, and dark, yet finely tuned and much more refined than compared to his previous releases. The hardcore influences are clearly apparent here with sawing synths and singular heavy, smashing kicks that provide a simple, yet profound backbone for the music. While not a style that appeals to everyone, The Panacea, I think, makes this hardcore genre of music more accessible because he focuses not so much on the repetitive nature of hardcore music, but adds heavy melodic lines to compliment the abstract, harsh rhythms.

Like a spiraling vortex into terror, The Panacea bends reality through twisted sounds. The title track is the featured track for a good reason; it’s extremely percussive with massive lead synths. In away it sounds pained, stressful, like being chased by an unfathomable evil. The atmosphere is all perfect; it’s dark, but in a more twisted, unique kind of dark. It’s full of uncertainty for the listener, always keeping him alert, unsure of what is around the next corner.

The album has a very raw, primal quality. Its foundation is ruthless, gritty, sawing sounds that always keep the listener a little disoriented, but in a good way. This was one of those albums that at the end I wasn’t quite sure where I was or what had happened musically. Like I had just been through a storm that completely destroyed my once familiar surroundings and left me with a now unrecognizable wasteland.

Check this one out though, a bit out of the ordinary, but that’s what we aim for here. ;)

More information at:

Position Chrome website



Buy this release at:

Chemical Records



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  1. Ahh, I assume this has been taking down. :(
    Lovely work.

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