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posted by Unctuous

Another quality release from Enduser here. Right from the start “2/3” kicks it hard with deadly breaks and slightly adjusted vocals from “Sleeping Satellite” by Tasmin Archer. Cutting right to the chase, the EP shows no mercy by shredding and sawing a pathway to the core of its torn and broken nature. While the EP mainly showcases Enduser’s mastery of beatslicing and arranging breaks, there is also a deep melodic quality in the background that layers and weaves through the chaos.

The next track, “Death Vest 09” keeps with the consistency with eerie chimes before erupting into a break-happy montage, and “1/3” follows the same general format. The production quality on this is outstanding, and no corners are cut so that every kick, snare, and glitch has its place and is apparent. I think the album cover is a perfect representation of the music as well; shattered, chaotic, and torn, but there is still an image of something behind the front of mayhem.

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Ohm Resistance website



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  1. I’m not normally into the darker/harder edged sounds but this EP has just the right amount of beauty burried beneath all the chaos. I kinda dig it. :) Bought this and the Bollywood Breaks EP and I’m quite pleased with both. Thanks for the recommendation.

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