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Carve out the Face of My God is the 2010 release by Kyle Parker, otherwise known as Infinite Body.

If you’ve been following this site for awhile, you’ll know that Belong’s 2006 October Language is one of my highly prized records of all time. Indeed, October Language has established itself as one of the defining albums in my life. In fact, Carve Out the Face of My God may be the closest musical venture that I’ve discovered thus far that I could compare it to in this capacity.

Like October Language, the album is a beatless soundscape that sports intense declarations of ambient noise interlaced with subtle melodies that engage the listener as its progresses through its 40 minute, 11 track journey.

At points, there can be large shifts in direction: from colossal, stratospheric walls of abrasive noise that seemingly tower above you, to uniformly articulated calmness that refreshes and tempers everything that is happening in between.

Defined and intricate, the album moves with purpose with each and every track. The record’s first number begins with a bang: soaring entities of ambient noise collapsing with other, more subtle shifts in its underlying base in partnership with its fairer, more delicate melodic layers. It resigns itself to the album’s second track, entitled “A Fool Persists”, something that could fit neatly into a cinematic, futuristic film.

As Carve Out the Face of My God progresses, its more understated, less noisy side begins to take over. The beautifully destructive noises of the past few tracks become nothing more than preciously delicate notes that possess great structure and texture that really speaks to its author’s ability to paint such an awesome illustration. And just like with October Language, your mind will be blown.

Highly recommended.

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  1. Very nice album. 5/5

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