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posted by Unctuous

Shobaleader One is a new project fronted by Squarepusher, and includes other anonymous members. Wielding plenty of vocoders and Squarepusher’s signature funky bass guitar, this release also adds elements of electro, and IDM. The music embraces a lazy, retro feel with minimal, downtempo drum patterns and sharp, syncopated synths, yet reminiscent of “Just a Souvenir.” Cool melodies move sweetly with a lot of funk and jazz backing from the guitars in the tracks “Into the Blue” and “Frisco Waves” while harmonized, vocoded vocals add depth and fluidity. Anybody listening to this album may immediately think Daft Punk, but Tom Jenkinson’s jazzy influences and relaxed feel would strike any listener as something unique.

“Megazine” sums up the album quite well with the focus being upbeat, catchy and danceable. The album sets one particular mood and sticks with it. In that respect it can also be considered more minimalist; the sounds and instrumentation are generally kept the same and plod along lazily from one track to the next, it actually makes for a really great album to drive to.

There’s not a whole lot to report about this album, but I highly recommend listening to this one if you happen to like any of Squarepusher’s other releases. You shouldn’t be disappointed.

More info at:

Shobaleader One Website


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