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posted by Unctuous

The Blood of Heroes is a collaborative project consisting of Bill Laswell, Enduser, Justin Broadrick, KJ Sawka, and many more. Inspired by the original 80s film by the same title, “The Blood of Heroes” portrays a post-apocalyptic world stricken by war and chaos. Grimy guitars create desolate, harsh landscapes scarred by poverty and remnants of a once inhabitable place. This album is incredibly heavy, and rich in terms of both the sounds themselves, and the story behind it. A wide range of sounds are explored from more heavily processed, industrial, electronic drums and guitars, to very textured rhythms that have a layered quality that provides a rich, organic backing.

The album flows wonderfully in a perfectly cohesive style. Each track is bound to the other, picking up where the last left off to continue the story. Not only that, but the instrumentation is creates a grainy and harsh, but full and unique sound.

The songs all appear to explore a different place or event in this hurting world. The general mood is conflict, like there is always an overbearing problem yet to be fought through. In the end the journey will be brutal, but keep pressing onward, one foot in front of the other, and you just might stay alive.

Sorry for the delay, midterms and other school related stuff have been taking up time. ;)

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