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A name that might not be common place among the drum & bass community is Telemetrik, however I would say he easily has a spot in the ranks of Spor and Noisia not only in the quality of the production, but the creativity and ability to think outside the limits of the standard dnb we have become so desensitized to. “My Lightyear” can be thought of as a gateway to the unknown; a medium to traverse the outskirts of space at ultra high speed. It takes that sort of energy and gives it new life in the world of sound. This could easily become a staple in the drum & bass community.

Vividly describing rougher aspects of the universe, the album has a very futuristic tone with its focus constantly shifting in and out of for a great display of detail, and at the same time a view of everything.

Everything sound feels solid, concrete, and confident. Rhythms are tight, yet spacious with plenty of room for gritty, biting leads and earthshaking basses. One thing I found particularly interesting was the use of chorus sounds that really gave the music another dimension in depth; not something I hear much in drum & bass.

My Lightyear is, simply put, a mammoth track. It’s the icing on the cake and even concludes nicely with a short 8-bit tune.

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  1. Great track and amazing album!

  2. What a nice album! The overall feeling and atmoshpere of this album is just totally out of this world. It’s simultaneously aggressive and deep, which is a rarity in DnB. An awe-inspiring find to say the least, thank you dude!

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