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posted by Unctuous

Last Days is the alias of Graham Richardson. With solemn, melancholic melodies brought out through acoustic guitars and piano, the atmosphere is very nostalgic, as if remembering a better time than the present. The album begins slowly, like waking up gently from a deep sleep. The sound of rain outside guides your attention away as a voice reassures that you “will be there soon, in the safety of the north.” Almost like a fleeting memory, or saying a final goodbye before looking ahead to the future. But something tells you all is not lost, and the future is hopeful and will get better.

The album’s folk and post-rock influences work beautifully with the ambient background. Guitars put on extreme reverb draw out tensions and movement.

The music traverses many different landscapes, and is incredibly detailed with images From mountains, to soft, rolling plains, to forests and even the animals living in it. There is nothing direct, or upfront about the music; everything is reserved, calm, yet concrete and unwavering. This aspect creates rich layers that are each acting independently and telling their own piece of a story.

This album is like taking a breath of fresh air surrounded by nature after living in a congested city. The air fills and cleanses your body, but in this peace you are able to think clearly, without distraction. In this calm moment you are able to reflect, look ahead, like time has stopped and you are the only thing still in motion. You might ask yourself “Am I happy? Is this what I want?” There might be regrets, or things that have not been accomplished. In these moments lie the answers to happiness, although often we are so often absorbed in the little events that we completely miss how our actions will affect our lives on a grander scale.

There are times to feel sorry, but in the end what matters is what we do to make ourselves a stronger being on a deeper level than just the outside. Nobody will do this for you, so the choice is ultimately up to the individual, but with the right outlook and a proper focus your life can be as fulfilling or shallow as you desire. This is the message “The Safety of the North” told me.

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Last Days official site


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n5md Records


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  1. Listening again after a long time. Very emotional and lonely album, and I love it for that.

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