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This is The Effective Disconnect – Brian McBride’s latest album released not even a month ago. McBride is one part of the respected ambient duo Stars of the Lid, who have quite a few truly masterful albums under their belt.

It feels like listening to And Their Refinement of the Decline for the first time. A resonating and inward album. In all actuality, it feels each element that comprises the material is working in perfect concert with each other in harmony.

The album sifts through the traditional elements found throughout ambient-based music: delicate pads, gently exposed piano pieces fading in and out of a loose, easy going musical structure topped off with absolutely gorgeous violin work.

The three part “Toil Theme” series is a wonderfully crafted set of tracks and probably my personal favorite out of the album. Each song works in perfect harmony that provides its listener with a fantastic array of choice pads and instrumentation.

At parts, it can be quite cold. I wouldn’t necessarily declare it to be a “sad” album but I’ll be damned if this isn’t one of the more melancholy records I’ve had the pleasure of listening to recently. Bottom line is that The Effective Disconnect is an astounding contribution to the genre.

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  1. what a beautiful record indeed. thank you very much.

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