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Happy 2011 :P

The Balancing Act is Sadistik’s debut hip-hop album, released in May of 2008. From Seattle, he’s known around the area to play rather energetic shows, often sharing the stage with fellow hip-hop acts like Tech N9ne and Slaughterhouse.

Perhaps one of the most notable things worth mentioning in Sadistik’s work here is that it has sports some of the most well written lyrics that I’ve seen out of recent underground hip-hop albums, combined with top of the line delivery and presentation. It really is one of the highlights for the record, and it comes out as a marked testament to the artist’s ability to create incredible stories.

Often sampling trip-hop extraordinaire Emancipator (featured in half of the album), it comes out to a powerhouse of a result: competent, engaging lyrics juxtaposed with expansive atmospherics from the trip-hop guru, it makes for one hell of an album, from beginning to end.

His other, more recent work is dubbed The Art of Dying, in collaboration with Kid Called Computer, and was released late last year.

Be sure to pick this one up, people. Highly recommended.

For more information, check out:


Sadistik Music

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CD Baby


One Comment

  1. I saw this guy live with Eyedea & Abilities back in the Spring of last year. Great performance.

    RIP Eyedea ;_;

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