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It’s Artificial is the very recently released debut album from the US-based artist Andrew Bayer on the trance stronghold Anjunabeats label. Bayer’s background contains a lot of roots in trance and other electronic-oriented music. He has collaborated with fellow musicians Boom Jinx and BT (“The Emergency) in the past, producing formidable results. However, he is mostly known for his work in a duo trance act dubbed Signalrunners with partner-in-music Alan Nimmo. With Nimmo, he is responsible for some really fantastic sounds under the Signalrunners alias since its inception in 2003. The duo also released a nicely composed single called Unconditional in 2006 on Mondo Records.

However, as a solo artist, It’s Artificial is his debut album released not too long ago this year. And although the background of Bayer is deeply rooted in trance music, this album does not contain so much of those elements typically found in that genre. Instead, the record penetrates the glitch-hop realm of the music world heavily infused with elements found in idm and breakbeat-based work. The record would fit perfectly within Ninja Tune’s catalog or even Planet Mu, just to give you an idea of what you might expect within.

“Counting the Points”, as linked above, almost has a certain µ-Ziq-quality to it, especially heard within its beginning.

Armed with a seemingly hypnotic glitch-hop framework, the record effortlessly provides ample replayability value with extraordinary craftsmanship and a BT-like attention to detail. I think it’s rather impressive considering the album’s gorgeous versatility, although perhaps to some it may not immediately be apparent.

With his debut, Andrew Bayer has created a work so composed and intricate, that it may stand to rival heavyweight albums in the same genre. Spacious vocal-less breakbeats with glitch-hop? Yes please.

For more information, please check out the following resources:


Anjunabeats blog

If you like the record, do yourself a favor and buy it at:






  1. looks good! lets give it a try


  2. well, this is absolutely mindblowing! thanks for the links :)

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