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Love as a Dark Hallway is Benn Jordan’s latest album released on his label Alphabasic.

The man has a few aliases in which he records/recorded under including Human Action Network, his own name, Acidwolf, and Flexe. Despite all of these pseudonyms, The Flashbulb remains as his most popular name and continues to operate to this day.

Looking at this musician’s previous works will yield a very broad spectrum of music. It is very easy to classify him as a sort of an Aphex Twin style musician in that his works can be incredibly diverse, creating rollercoaster-style breakcore one moment and melodically complex idm music the next. Indeed, Kirlian Selections and Red Extensions of Me demonstrated that the man definitely has talent creating fast paced yet composed breakcore bangers. And in 2007’s Welcome to Chicago under his Human Action Network pseudonym, even acid house was explored and was rewarded with positive attention from fans of the genre.

However despite his quality contributions to these genres, in recent years he seems to have found that his strongest artistic talents actually lie somewhere in the realm of ambient music occasionally breaking familiar grounds into other genres along the way.

I’d speculate that the start of these turn of events started with his experimentation with Pale Blue Dot released as a tribute to the achievements and life of astronomer Carl Sagan. Pale Blue Dot was released under the recording name of Benn Jordan in 2008 and can easily be seen as one of his most solemn works perhaps only rivaled by a later work dubbed Louisiana Mourning, a dedication for his late friend Charlie Cooper who comprised one half of famed electronic duo Telefon tel Aviv (who have a very loyal following, I might add).

Limited to only 500 copies, Louisiana Mourning is a small four track record contains some of his most beautiful and timeless songs played in a sort of a bluegrass/folk style collage primarily powered by an acoustic guitar and bowed strings.

This album is actually easier to compare to some of his previous works including perhaps his most well known work as The Flashbulb with 2008’s Soundtrack to a Vacant Life in addition to Arboreal (an essentially refined mix of Soundtrack and Pale Blue Dot with absolutely gorgeous tracks in between). This record isn’t necessarily as solemn as some of his previous ventures; on the contrary, it does present to its listener some grand adventures in a more optimistic sort of light with songs like “Let Me Walk You to Your Honda” as well as “A Baptist Church in Georgia”.

The record really goes the extra mile in covering a wide ranging array of instrumentation as well – from guitar work with a savory jazzy hint to them complimented by care free piano work peppered by The Flashbulb’s signature idm backbone.

Honestly though, I enjoy and cherish the more concealed and private side of music that Benn Jordan has produced in this album and beyond. Love as a Dark Hallway contains a lot of these elements, although that isn’t necessarily the only thing that makes it a good one.

The record as a whole doesn’t need to prove anything; upon the first play through, listeners will easily be able to recognize Benn Jordan’s trade mark relaxed and cohesive production style – one that has been consistent time and time again with every release since I began to listen to my first album from this remarkable musician years and years ago.

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  1. just found your blog and I’m really enjoying it. continue to post good stuff :)

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