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The Invisible Insurrection is Sven Weisemann’s second album released on Fauxpas Records based out of Germany. Released earlier this year, Desolate’s influences are clear from the beginning with UK-based 2-step act Burial being cited almost universally.

That’s OK though, because while there are obvious artistic influences between the two, there exists plenty of differences and quirks to make this album stand out on its own. And if you’ve listened to any of Burial’s records, you’ll soon come to rediscover this familiar collage of two step and a sort of a solemn and abstractly atmospheric sound that comprises the record.

Wistful piano pieces play across the record that accompany a subtle downtempo beat that provide a surreal warmth integrated with hushed vocal samples occasionally protruding from the woodwork adding to the isolation that the album captures.

In fact, that is one of the things that makes The Invisible Insurrection so great and those who have longed for another full length release from Burial since Untrue will find a refuge amidst the wonderfully contemplative and seductive sounds that listeners will find within.

The mash up between the laid back garage with its calm ambient backdrop certainly serves to provide a lot of opportunity to further the cinematic elements that the album relies upon to drive itself forward.

It’s not particularly hard to determine what level of downtempo music that the artist was after while creating the album with track titles like “Cathartic”, “Farewell”, “Pain”, and “Escape” – even down to the artist’s name and with that said, it may very well be more of a weathered and moody exploration into the genres illustrated here. It quickly becomes obvious that this is a very nocturnal album. Check out Subheim’s Approach if you enjoy this.

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  1. reminds me of everything i love about Untrue. looking forward to listening to this tonight

  2. Nice one.

  3. Very good for studying it helps me to focus

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