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Dive is IDM artist Tycho’s latest record released on Ghostly International. Tycho first entered the music world with a piece of work known as The Science of Patterns as a self-released EP in 2002. 2004 saw the release of his first full length entitled Sunrise Projector which is perhaps his most known work in the IDM community.

His second album dubbed Past is Prologue was released in ’06 on now defunct Florida-based Merck Records which was responsible for housing a lot of quality releases roughly in the same musical realm including works from Secede, Machinedrum, Mr. Projectile, and Helios.

This record in particular has the emotion and feeling that music from Ulrich Schnauss conveys while retaining a rhythm and structure that almost sounds like a vocal-less Zero 7 and an artist named Aerosol with Airborne all while sticking contently to an electronic-oriented background and atmosphere.

While Dive is vocal-less, it does sport minor vocal samples, most notably in its title track seen above.

Easily described as a feel-good album, Dive soars beyond what Tycho accomplished musically with previous records. While Past is Prologue as well as Sunrise Projector were solid no doubt, Dive feels like it was created effortlessly. It’s a straight forward record containing the easiness and relaxed atmosphere of Prologue while maintaining the striking eloquence of Tycho’s debut album.

Tycho’s work here is an outstanding testament to great IDM music and possesses long lasting appeal and virtually endless replayability.

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Ghostly International

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