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Behind the layers of this glitch-hop motivated electronic music is a man named Edward Ma from Massachusetts, USA. Known as EdIT in the music world and also playing a part in the glitchy/hip-hop sounds of the electronic trio known as The Glitch Mob, the man started making music pre-2000s however gained much of his popularity through mashups and remixes in the years to come.

In 2004, u-Ziq’s Planet Mu released his solo debut album called Crying Over Pros for No Reason. Compared to his sophomore release of an album called Certified Air Raid Material, this record gravitates greatly towards the more downtempo side of glitch/hip-hop/glitch-hop, whatever-ya-want-to-call it type of music. Electronic music lovers who are familiar with the kind of sounds that Planet Mu releases will find out that they are in for a treat if they’re not familiar with No Reason.

It is an album that is clear was handled and produced with a lot of TLC and you can listen to these kind of characteristics grow if one takes the time to listen to his solo material. While downtempo sounds and glitchy electronics intersect each other often here, the record’s beatwork is also applied wonderfully. It feels natural, smooth, and spontaneous, which are traits that are really rewarding to discover in music like this.

Although Certified Air Raid Material is more well known than this album, this record very much remains as something that you should listen through. The spontaneous feeling sounds you hear in No Reason are amplified quite a bit in his next release, many tracks containing bold vocal layers and bassy backbones driving much of the album. In fact, most of the elements that very much describe No Reason are abandoned in this record favoring and taking on a more upbeat and forthcoming sound. While I certainly appreciate what Certified Air Raid Material contains, I absolutely cherish the more downtempo elements found within his debut release. It is kind of like a really good movie that doesn’t need a sequel.

Crying Over Pros for No Reason begins and ends elegantly – something to listen to when you want to disengage. Very much recommended from yours truly.

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Planet Mu

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Planet Mu



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  1. I don’t know when this happened, but the download appears to be down.

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