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i slept in these clothes

General Blog Information

isleptintheseclothes (or simply Clothes HQ) was founded as a platform to promote and write about music that its author felt needed more listeners/attention.

All downloads are strictly intended for promotional purposes only. We strongly recommend that if you like what you read/hear, that you purchase the release from the links provided in the post.

From the Blog Author

I am obviously a big fan of music. I like: ambient, drone, IDM, trance, dubstep, hardstyle, ebm, industrial, house, trip-hop, shoegaze, hardcore punk, drum and bass, post-rock, jazz, classical (working on those last two!), and maybe a few others. If you like some or most of these genres, you just might like this blog.

Favorite record labels include (in alphabetical order):

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  1. i like your style writing… and music sure too :)

  2. Thanks a lot for all this great music :)

  3. Great blog! thank you!

  4. Yes.

      • isleptintheseclothes
      • Posted September 13, 2009 at 09:24
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      Nice to see you Jairus :)

  5. keep up the awesome blog! im starting to get into some minor music editing/mixing myself and i have discovered that its really really fun. anyways, the kind of music thats the most fun to play around with is the subtle ambient stuff. thanks for giving me so many great examples :)

  6. hi, very nice blog. i think you can also find our blog interesting. and i added to our “elite” link list there ;) keep up!

  7. very nice blog. i’ve learnt a lot about blogging as well as music. cheers.

  8. You’ve opened up a whole other box for me to explore,thanks much.

  9. Love the blog…you have put good music for promotion and not crappy nonsense!

  10. If you can hear me, I want to say “great blog, please keep it alive”
    I just found this, and it’s one of the better music blogs I’ve seen. The reviews really help give insight, rather than just a page of links. I appreciate this kind of thing. Keep it up if you can.

      • isleptintheseclothes
      • Posted January 18, 2012 at 18:41
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      Hey man, I appreciate the comment. I just go through these stages where I really don’t feel like writing anything. Either that or I get writer’s block. It sucks but I’m working on it (have been for a few years now). Thanks for the input!

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