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i slept in these clothes

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

It is my birthday so I’ll be taking a few short days off from writing. But fret not! I’ll be back shortly to post more awesome electronic oriented music.

In the meantime, I’ve created a Facebook profile page for Clothes. Here you’ll be able to get updated on new posts that I’ve posted here as well as information on new albums that have come out that might be of interest to you. I’m hoping that this group takes off as I’ll be able to further communicate with my readers (you!) on new material and details on music that’s been released recently.

Take care!
Edited: fixed link.

i slept in these clothes

After seeing such a positive response via email, my inbox, the comments in the previous post & what not, I’m feeling pretty warm about resuming Clothes HQ. I’ll be introducing a few changes that will need to be ironed out as time progresses (like perhaps not necessarily trying to meet a post-per-day hard goal), but all in all, I can’t wait to see what time has in store for this blog.

Having said that, I have had a friend with me here writing articles since just about Clothes’ inception and I’d really like to give credit where it is due and thank him for the diligence and general awesomeness that he’s consistently maintained since hopping on board.

Observant readers will know of him as Unctuous, who has contributed a considerable percentage of total posts to this blog and for that, I appreciate him very much. Unctuous is at (and can be reached from) Soundcloud,, and

In other news, I don’t know how most of you listen to your music, but here at orbiting Clothes HQ, I like to use my computer and Z2300 2.1 speaker sound system. It is a very affordable system that delivers clean, punchy bass and I really couldn’t be happier with it since I bought it more than a year ago (and I say this as a genuine fan, not as a shill). I use HD280s for headphones (which are simply ridiculously awesome in quality IMO).

Software-wise, I like to use Foobar 2k with this equalizer package along with a Dolby Headphone DSP plug-in. The final result is this (screenshot). The music player itself may not be as artful as other players on the Internet but it contains a fantastic array of settings to tweak with that I’ve really come to appreciate. It’s functional.

More updates soon! Thanks for all your loyal support and feel free to spread the word.

i slept in these clothes

Hi guys. Since January, I have consistently received a healthy amount of email regarding the status of Clothes HQ and whether or not I’ll be coming back to post once more (which is totally awesome). I’ve also been asked often whether or not I can “review” new material from budding artists and labels.

Well, it should be apparent by my listening activity that I am alive and well. And although pageviews have gradually decreased since our hiatus at the end of January this year, I find that I am still getting a decent amount of them which seems to indicate that the Internet just isn’t finished with this little page on the corner of the web.

Something to note is that my music tastes have shifted a bit into more of a house direction. This may or may not affect how much I potentially post from that genre. I still listen to a lot of idm, dnb, trance, dubstep, and what not though. And if I do start up again (based on feedback that I will get via email/comments), I’m going to need help on this post.

Sooo. What do you think? I appreciate any and all input. Email me or post a comment below (not sure why people would rather email me over posting below btw :p).

i slept in these clothes

Starting this Monday(!), the orbiting Clothes HQ will return to its regular schedule (I’ll try my best, anyway). The response since the announcement has been staggering, and it’s really pleasant to know that even after a 2.5 month, I still manage to have a considerable and loyal following!

There are a few things that I should state right off the bat. Namely, I’ll be going into active duty military soon, and this requires a certain amount of time away from the computer, obviously. Basic training is 8.5 weeks. Suffice it to say that this blog will be unavailable when I leave. Who knows? Maybe when I have free time, you’ll see me resurrect this blog once more. But – as long as I am here, I will be writing about a few releases now and then that I sincerely hope this blog’s audience will enjoy (and ultimately purchase when available!). Feel free to contact me with any suggestions, comments, and whatever else is on your mind.

I have a few albums in store that I’m sure most of you will enjoy and get a lot of heavy rotation out of, so stay tuned :).

i slept in these clothes

Clothes HQ will be back in a few days. More details soon. Spread the word.

i slept in these clothes

I regret to inform you all that Clothes HQ will be taking a break of a to-be-determined amount of time. I simply do not have the time I once did to maintain this blog to my personal standards.

This blog was created to be a platform to promote artists that I felt/feel needed more attention. I wanted to offer an broad selection of electronic-oriented material with useful descriptions and links to downloads, and with over 30,000 pageviews since I launched Clothes HQ at the near-end of July (quite impressive for some dude with a blog on the corner of the Internet, I think), I’ve learned a lot more about writing up posts, how to promote and get the word out there, and of course, I’ve learned a lot more about the albums I’ve written about.

It is my hope that through these posts, you have learned a lot too. Especially lately, I’ve tried my best to write mini-“reviews” of albums that can’t really be found anywhere else. In my experience with other blogs of this nature, writers post infrequent updates, and when they did post about an album, its description was somewhat disappointing and lacking. I thought I could do better, and I think I accomplished my goal.

With just over a hundred posts, there’s still an archive of fantastic music to be explored, and I urge everyone who stumbles upon this webpage to look into the Index and Popular Posts pages. There you will find everything we’ve ever posted and more.

I want to thank Unctuous for offering his assistance early on, and everyone who has contributed to and supported i slept in these clothes throughout these five short months. The bottom line is that I could not have done it without you all.

In the event that I resurrect Clothes HQ, you’ll be all notified through the blog’s Twitter feed (and I have no doubt you’ll see a couple comments about it on various artist shoutboxes on I also will try to bring some artist and label interviews in.

It has been fun, and I am incredibly happy that through this platform, I’ve been able to share and promote some of my favorite music with you all. Any comments should be directed to my profile.

Thank you again.

I know a blog post like this is out of the ordinary, but I’m looking for information regarding this mindblowingly cohesive and ballsy track:

Hecq’s music is something I have an undying love for. I don’t know who Exillion is, but the dude is definitely on my radar with this track. The only notable thing I found was a thread link to which was dated much earlier this year.

Initially, I thought Exhillion was Excision (Rottun Recordings), who produced this phenomenal dubstep mix entitled Shambalah (which you can download from this link), played live at Shambhala Music Festival in Canada on a 100,000 watt system. Mind blown.

Surely there has to be more than one song. Something like this isn’t to be missed. If you have any info, post a comment or shoot me an email.

i slept in these clothes

Hey all,

I am interested in keeping this blog afloat for a little while longer, however things have gotten a lot busier in the last week or two, and I think it is time to put out a request asking for more people willing to write for Clothes HQ on a volunteer basis.

We are looking for people who have an excellent understanding of the English language as well as a similar taste in music to our own (which shouldn’t be too much of a deal). You must also have a willingness to communicate on an IRC channel (for this is where feedback and discussion surrounding the blog are passed around).

If you feel like you can contribute or have a question or two, please send me an email at myprinterisonfire [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you!

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i slept in these clothes

Hi all,

Just wanted to keep everyone informed of certain changes that will be coming to this blog. I started this about a month and a half ago and the response has been awesome. Since its inception, this blog has continually been on a climb in page views on a week by week basis; I’ve gotten a lot of feedback via email,, and IRC channels about how people have been discovering new artists through i slept in these clothes; needless to say, I am very happy about this.

Starting in December, I will be leaving for Basic training for several weeks. Therefore, since I am interested in keeping this blog alive, I am taking measures to hire volunteers to keep writing articles (in the format that you currently see with my posts) on a daily basis. I am confident by the time I return, this blog’s popularity have risen even more dramatically than it has now. I have a friend in real life who will oversee everything (e.g, making sure each author’s posts are in the format that I have specified, etc) while I am away.

Secondly, I am sure everyone has noticed the Index as well as the Popular Posts pages. Both are relatively self-explanatory. The first is a simple, easy to read index of all the posts that have been posted as of today. The Popular Posts page contains pages that have had an extraordinary amount of pageviews. In it, you will be able to find the top five most popular albums posted for each month as well as a list for all time most viewed posts. Both links will continue to be updated.

I plan to add a more comprehensive page in the near future called Recommended Albums (name is being worked on). With this, it is my intention to write about albums that I wholeheartedly recommend; albums that are 10/10, top of the line material that I’d like to further promote to the readers of this site. As always, please feel free to continue to contribute feedback so I can further improve upon this blog.

Just wanted to keep everyone informed :).


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This is a music blog.

Music helps me accomplish a variety of things in my life: everything from falling asleep, to studying, to getting away from it all. This blog is dedicated to electronic oriented music (ambient, IDM, dubstep, etc; for more information on what I’ll be posting, see About), lightly peppered by records that aren’t.

Having said that, this blog would be pretty pointless without links to downloads. However, please support the artist if you enjoy the music, be it in attending a show of theirs, purchasing a shirt, or merch, or in another form. Much of the music I will be posting can be found for under $15 USD (~10.7 Euros) at Amazon. Furthermore, if you buy directly from the label/artist, you can be happy to know that they would be obtaining more money than if you purchased from another store. Always buy directly from the label wherever possible.

No RIAA (an organization that represents the major labels; EMI, Universal, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group) affiliated artists will make it onto this blog.

Labels/artists: if you want me to “unshare” something, let me know.

If you have any requests or suggestions, please do not hesitate to add your two cents in the form of a comment below. You can also email myprinterisonfire [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you :)

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