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We Stay Together is Andy Stott’s latest exploration into dub techno released last month. It actually comes as a follow up to another work released earlier in the year entitled Passed By Me out on the same label from dubbed Modern Love out of the UK.

Traditionally, Stott has explored the darker areas of dub techno with releases like the Fear of Heights EP and what not, however this piece of work contains much more than his previous adventures. In this, a richly dark and particularly seedy environment is used as a foundation for hard rolling bass moving with purpose.

This particular EP from Stott very rhythmic-centric; unlike a few previous works where you would hear this collage of hyper edited snares and manipulated beatwork (think on a scale of 2562‘s Aerial or maybe some of Martyn‘s stuff), this release opts to drive itself using warmer elements found within dub techno.

Opening with an almost deceptively calm introduction into the record is Submission which does not exactly sound like the rest of the songs that you’ll hear throughout the work, however perhaps strangely enough, it does somehow manage to fit into what morphs to an incredible collection of thick, bassy tracks that are drenched with powerfully unforgiving rhythms sculpted wonderfully with a wide ranging palette of sounds by its artist.

We Stay Together is a deeply brooding piece of work with concrete implementation of fresh ideas for dub/dub techno music. Give this a listen!

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Modern Love

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