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Obfusc can be described as a blend of ambient and IDM and is fairly downtempo. Cities of Cedar (you can listen to the entire album from that link) seems to be the most popular Obfusc release, followed closely by Internal Countryside. It’s very, very enjoyable album and one that I am proud to say I own in physical format. Really relaxing music.

The album is great and plus the guy is really friendly and cool. I shot him a message via MySpace about three weeks ago wondering if he had any copies of Cities of Cedar available – it turns out, he had just one left, along with the limited edition (to 60 copies) of the DVD to the music video of Amateur Cartography (embedded Youtube link below). I have #9. Pretty nice! It’s being sold for $10 at Obfusc’s homepage. The physical release comes with various Obfusc pins and stickers. There’s also an upcoming single that will be released on 7″ on July 20th, 2009 (only a few days away!). You can listen to Oceanic Glow (Night Mix) on his MySpace, which is a very strong song.

New track posted from the upcoming “Inverted Island” single due out 07/20/2009 on Static Caravan Recordings — “Oceanic Glow (Night Mix).”

Thanks for your continued support and interest. Stay upbeat and enjoy the summer.

J / Obfusc

JULY 20 2009

High quality album art of Cities of Cedar available for download: (1, 2, 3).

More information:



Download album.

Download album art.

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