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Belong is a duo from Louisiana, USA who specialize in ambient/drone-based music on the slightly more noisier side of the scale. Belong’s debut record October Language was released on Carpark Records in 2006. This is an album I am proud to say I own. Headphone music at its best. Listen to this one all the way through without interruption from external forces, in the dark. Don’t rush it. $11 USD on This album is like having sand being blasted at you at a million miles an hour, slowly erasing features but in the process building new ones. Highly recommended.

Sample track:

User review at Discogs:

I’ve never heard anything like this… It’s like the sound, if a sound could be applied to such, of dying and being transported to an afterlife; noise and ethereal melodies collide chaotically in a blurry, boundless environment of such unbelievable scope and scale… I believe that most of the melodies on this album were produced with spectacularly overprocessed and overdriven guitars; its like hearing 4AD in middle of a hurricane!

October Language is a must-hear for those open minded enough to be receptive to its incredible beauty.

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