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Secede is known for his potently atmospheric music. Released on Sending Orbs (think Kettel), this 2005 album vividly captures the talent this man has for creating fabulous artwork. Eloquently shifting between ambient and IDM, Secede makes fantastic use of short and concise vocal samples to drive the song onward into a blurry, dreamy realm of fantasy.

Although you may not get this feeling from the upcoming clip taken from Youtube, Tryshasla makes you feel like you’re a child at an amusement park at night; quietly bewildered at all the flashy-ness and people walking aimlessly filled to the brim with contentment and joy. A highly enjoyable and simply stunning album.

This song is called Born In A Tropical Swamp. It is the sixth track out of eleven on the album (which clocks in just short of an hour).

If I had to pick just two songs that I like most on Tryshasla, it would have to be Kingdom of Hearts and Shrine. The former uses a wonderful “organ-like” vocal sample, while the latter is a relaxed piano piece which incorporates nature-sounds (bug chatter and the like).

Very, very unfortunate that the physical release of this record is out of print. It was initially scheduled to run only a mere 1,000 copies, but due to overwhelming demand, Sending Orbs scheduled another run of 500 copies a year later in 2006. Rare imports can run you up $100+ USD.

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The Atomica Project - Grayscale

Wow, what can I say? I’m not even half way done with listening to this album for the first time, and I’ve added it to my to-purchase list (physically, of course). Trip-hop with brilliant female vocals. It’s a very well composed, very detailed album; you can hear how much effort was put into it. I’d like to think that I listen to quite a bit of music, and this particular album stands out immediately. In a similar vein to Portishead and Hooverphonic. The Force is strong with this one. Album description on the website:

Grayscale, the highly anticipated sophomore release from The Atomica Project, embodies in itself the struggle of its execution. Taking nearly 3 years to complete, Grayscale is filled with elaborate narratives of failure and recovery. Loosely based on the dramatic climate of Lauren Cheatham and Wade Alin’s adopted home of Chicago, many of the tracks draw parallels between the cinematic storms of the Midwest and the turmoil of interpersonal relationships.

The download on Flagrant Records is $10 USD, while the physical album (CD format) is $12 USD (update: $10, same as download) . This is the second full length record by this group, the first is called Metropolitan, and for some reason, having not even listened to it yet, I have a very strong feeling that it is as great of an album as Grayscale, if not moreso.

Looks like they’ve got another release in the pipeline.

For more information:


MySpace (looks like they’ve got a concert coming up in my area!)

– Artist profile @ Flagrant Records


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Influenced by artists like My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse, Slowdive, and more, Ulrich Schnauss makes fairly upbeat ambient music. What makes this music special is that it’s easy and pleasant to listen to without drifting into the realm of dull and stagnant elevator music. This upcoming song (embedded below) is his most popular in accordance with his charts, but everything he’s put out is pretty solid material. If you like this and drum and bass, Schnauss created an album in 1999 called Landscapes under his alias Ethereal 77; defunct now, but worth looking into nevertheless.

He’s also got a remix compilation out which was a birthday present to one of his friends. As the story goes, said friend shared the compilation with another friend, who uploaded it to share with a forum that he posted on. In this, he remixes selections from artists like Asobi Seksu, Mahogany, the lovely port-royal, Madrid, and more! In his earlier full length album Far Away Trains Passing By, released on the label CCO, he covers Crazy For You, originally a very lovely track by the now-defunct shoegaze band Slowdive, covered on this blog previously. Musically, Ulrich Schnauss is similar to acts like Boards of Canada and Tycho.

Title track of A Strangely Isolated Place. Such a great song on an equally great album:

Here’s a sample of one of the songs he remixed. I’ll put this one up for download too.

More information:



Download A Strangely Isolated Place.

Download Remix Compilation.

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