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i slept in these clothes

After seeing such a positive response via email, my inbox, the comments in the previous post & what not, I’m feeling pretty warm about resuming Clothes HQ. I’ll be introducing a few changes that will need to be ironed out as time progresses (like perhaps not necessarily trying to meet a post-per-day hard goal), but all in all, I can’t wait to see what time has in store for this blog.

Having said that, I have had a friend with me here writing articles since just about Clothes’ inception and I’d really like to give credit where it is due and thank him for the diligence and general awesomeness that he’s consistently maintained since hopping on board.

Observant readers will know of him as Unctuous, who has contributed a considerable percentage of total posts to this blog and for that, I appreciate him very much. Unctuous is at (and can be reached from) Soundcloud,, and

In other news, I don’t know how most of you listen to your music, but here at orbiting Clothes HQ, I like to use my computer and Z2300 2.1 speaker sound system. It is a very affordable system that delivers clean, punchy bass and I really couldn’t be happier with it since I bought it more than a year ago (and I say this as a genuine fan, not as a shill). I use HD280s for headphones (which are simply ridiculously awesome in quality IMO).

Software-wise, I like to use Foobar 2k with this equalizer package along with a Dolby Headphone DSP plug-in. The final result is this (screenshot). The music player itself may not be as artful as other players on the Internet but it contains a fantastic array of settings to tweak with that I’ve really come to appreciate. It’s functional.

More updates soon! Thanks for all your loyal support and feel free to spread the word.

i slept in these clothes

Hi guys. Since January, I have consistently received a healthy amount of email regarding the status of Clothes HQ and whether or not I’ll be coming back to post once more (which is totally awesome). I’ve also been asked often whether or not I can “review” new material from budding artists and labels.

Well, it should be apparent by my listening activity that I am alive and well. And although pageviews have gradually decreased since our hiatus at the end of January this year, I find that I am still getting a decent amount of them which seems to indicate that the Internet just isn’t finished with this little page on the corner of the web.

Something to note is that my music tastes have shifted a bit into more of a house direction. This may or may not affect how much I potentially post from that genre. I still listen to a lot of idm, dnb, trance, dubstep, and what not though. And if I do start up again (based on feedback that I will get via email/comments), I’m going to need help on this post.

Sooo. What do you think? I appreciate any and all input. Email me or post a comment below (not sure why people would rather email me over posting below btw :p).