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From one of the most well known names in ambient music comes “[ B E Y O N D ].” Continuing his remixes of tracks from “[ O T H E R ],” Lustmord opens the album with a thunderous, hollow effect that drones on into a black abyss. ¬†As the first track unfolds, a slow monotonous rhythm unfolds, and stark bells can be heard as powerful, low moans of despair create a hellish atmosphere. “Plateau” has a bit more of an oceanic feeling; the sound isn’t as hollow, and gives off more of an effect of an exploration of an underwater cavern thousands of feet below the surface. To me it seems the tortuous quality of the former track is not as prevalent.

“Er Eb Os” offers up not only a stark, droning sound, but also a more downcast melody near the end of the track.

“Trinity” is unlike any of the other tracks in that it starts off quietly, and builds upon itself until there is nothing but a wall of cold, hard, cavernous drones. The album’s sinister atmosphere delivers a simply breathtaking listening experience; offering a plethora of aural images, the album stimulates thought deep within the mind.

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Deaf Center are two friends who create ambient music based in Norway; Erik Skodvin, and Otto Totland. They’ve released one EP in 2004 and one full length album on Type Records a year later.

The duo flirts with dark ambient elements while maintaining an air of calm elegance to their music. This record features use of the piano and field recordings to add to its hazy atmospherics. Some tracks are more decidedly more haunting than others …

… While other tracks present a mindscape of its own in a similar vein. Riveting and ultimately rewarding.

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