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We Only Love You was the debut album of the now-defunct trip-hop act Halou released in 1998 on Bedazzled Records, which is also now defunct as of 2000. The band has a handful of albums out, including their latest self-titled record released last year.

Halou actually doesn’t record under this name any longer. Two out of three members of the group continue to make music under the moniker Stripmall Architecture, a brand new spiritual successor to Halou. The duo has released a four track EP late last year entitled Object01, which is a bit more rock influenced. Their second effort comes in the form of “We Were Flying Kites,” a ten track record of similar sound to Cocteau Twins.

Loop in Blue” in my opinion is one of the strongest tracks on the record. Dreampop-like silky smooth female vocals with a trip-hop-esque background beat makes for an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable song; one of many on the album. Since the label is no longer in existence, you’d be hard pressed to find this album physically.

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Slowdive was a band that began in 1989 and ended six years later. The group was at the forefront of the shoegaze “movement”, characterized by liberal use of (including but not limited to) guitar, reverb, and muted vocal effects heavily applied throughout their works. The result are layers of softly sung lyrics submerged in a warm warp of instrumentation. They produced three albums along with a multitude of EPs and a compilation (this release), sporting songs from both Souvlaki and Pygmalion. They were a fantastic band.

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