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“Focus & Flow” is the second release from the electronic music duo KiloWatts & Vanek consisting of James Watts on keyboards/digital instruments and Peter Van Ewijk on vocals and guitar. This album is constructed of mainly downtempo, glitched beats with acoustic guitar and vocals which also have been processed to add digital characteristics. Both guitar and vocal samples are often sculpted into entirely new parts going back and forth melodically responding and answering one another.

On the opening track “Morningstar” gives us a great introduction of what to expect for the duration of this album. Mysterious sounding chords open the album as vocals advance and gradually become more processed and glitched. Eventually the track blasts into a breakbeat pattern sending a chorus harmonized vocals flying into the air and creating a high-energy, yet beautiful quality. Personally I think this track would sound amazing without the beats, leaving only the guitar, vocals and synths.

Another great aspect of the album is the sheer intricacy of the arrangement of vocals, guitar, and digitally synthesized parts; everything is articulate and crystal clear. In some ways the techniques used to manipulate Ewijk’s vocals and the samples used remind me of BT‘s work, specifically albums such as “Emotional Technology” or “This Binary Universe.”  Ewijk’s vocals flow smoothly over rather glitchy rhythms, and the processed guitars fit wonderfully as a melodic sort of catalyst.

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“Louisiana Mourning” is the second release from Benn Jordan (more commonly known as “The Flashbulb“) and a dedication to Charles Cooper (1977-2009); one half of the electronic music duo Telefon Tel Aviv. This release is a fully acoustic album focusing on piano and guitar. Whimsical guitar melodies play throughout this album similar to some tracks found on “Soundtrack to a Vacant Life.” Lavish ambient soundscapes play a great role in a few of the tracks; adding a smooth backing while the piano takes over the melody. The quality of the sound itself is extremely clean and well produced and only adds to the enjoyment in the beautiful melodies.

As a whole “Louisiana Mourning” reminds me of Iron & Wine‘s early albums. The style of the guitar playing is strikingly similar and I can almost hear Sam Beam’s vocals over these tracks.

This album is limited to a mere 500 copies and can be purchased at for $8 USD.

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