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Sadly, this is the highest resolution image I could find of this album …

Engine 7 is one-man-band Alan McNeill. His debut record Me, But Perfect was released on Herb Recordings in 2008. Similar to Obfusc and Discuss, Engine 7 creates IDM with warm melodies interwoven with icy cool beats. Tracklist:

1. Sunrise, Catalonia (5:16)
2. Me, But Perfect (7:05)
3. Obsessive/Compulsive (2:41)
4. Glitches (2:21)
5. Tempertantrum (5:01)
6. Path Of Least Resistance (5:40)
7. Nichts (5:57)
8. A Coversation (4:51)
9. The Air Sings (0:50)
10. Hive Mind (6:52)
11. Goodnight, I Love You (3:54)

Highlight tracks for me include Sunrise, Catalonia, A Conversation, Hive Mind, and more. MySpace description:

Originally a solo project by Glasgow’s Alan McNeill, Engine7 has evolved and expanded dramatically since its debut in 2004. Last year’s release on Herb Recordings, “Me, But Perfect”, saw Alan’s solo talent embrace the wider sonic pallet available in a full six-piece band. The result was hauntingly beautiful, rightfully earning comparisons to the emotionally-charged legends Sigur Ros, Julien Neto and Ulrich Schnauss. In turn, Engine7’s deceptively simple melodies often veil a staggering wave of sound and complexity, often evident only after repeat exposures.

I have not heard much about Julien Neto, but I would contest the view that Engine 7’s music is that similar to Sigur Rós or Mr. Schnauss. Like I mentioned previously, it’s much more similar sounding to acts like Obfusc and Discuss, though each have their own unique traits that make them what they are. Pretty decent album! This first upcoming Youtube video is the first song on the album entitled Sunrise Catalonia 7:14am. The second song is A Conversation 4:21pm. Nice tunes.

Engine 7 just pushed a new four track EP entitled Another Thunderous Silence out the door.

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