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Dream Loss and its companion Alien Observer is a small two part release from solo artist named Liz Harris, known better by her stage name Grouper. Grouper has a few releases out and three full length albums including Wide in 2006 and the followup a year later with Cover the Windows and the Walls. Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill was released on Type Records in 2008 to much fan-fare and is widely considered Grouper’s most beloved release.

Grouper’s music is┬ámost often characterized by thin spider web-like vocals. The majority of her music is created using but a few instruments and some post-production work to enhance its lo-fi qualities. With this in mind, she’s earned a healthy following especially since the 2008 release of Dragging a Dead Deer, where these characteristics made a great impact in the ambient/lo-fi community. A great deal of word-of-mouth chatter about the album occurred which helped her gain traction within her respective musical circles.

Beyond the immediately recognizable lo-fi quality and the use of her vocals as another distinguishing feature, an acoustic guitar accompanies this artist in the music. I find that the slow moving melodies accentuate her songs in a way where it works really well with other elements within every track.

The vocals in particular really do wonders for this release. The musician here conveys a sense of calm solitude and isolationism that brings the record to a level that would not have been able to achieve otherwise. To that end, it’s easy to forget the outside world for awhile and delve deeply into this dream-like piece of work. Be sure to check out her previous releases!

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