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Subsonic Park’s “Echoes From Inside” is an upbeat journey through tight, minimal techno coupled with deep house undertones. While the rhythms generally remain static, the synths used are incredibly organic-sounding and evolve over time similar to those heard in some psybient music. The album is rich in simple, club atmosphere, but also subtle changes making the album not only a great choice for background music, but even listening to leisurely on ones own time.

The tracks feature a sort of fluid consistency also. The synths mainly consist of a longer attack and cutoff to create this aqueous, yet club-worthy aural quality. The depth bass underneath the kicks is another factor which glues elements of a track together, in that with that underlying bass tone the tracks never feel empty, or too shallow.

The album as a whole could not flow any better either. Each track compliments another with similar sounds, but different in ideas. The tracks even seem like they could harmonize perfectly with another if they were played against one another.

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Aril Brikha makes minimalist techno music with strong hints from the electro scene. He’s got several 12 inchers out as well as one absolutely wonderful full length album entitled Deeparture in Time out released in the year 2000 on Transmat.

Released on Kompakt in 2007, the A side features the strongest song (“Winter”), while the B side is slightly less melodic, but picks up quite a bit by the end. Icy cool tunes; thoroughly enjoyable.

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