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Every once in awhile, I come across a record that instantly pulls me in; one that blatantly stands out from its competition, a record so luring and tasteful, it demands that one listens until its completion. In recent memory, only a handful have captured my undivided attention. This album is one of truly remarkable quality; an exercise in finesse and craftsmanship. This is Luigi Rubino’s A Theme for the Moon from Italy, released on the French label Prikosnovenie.

Achingly delicate melancholic music with piano as its primary instrument, with occasional opera-like female vocals and usage of the cello and violin. Highly recommended.

Luigi Rubino; composer-pianist, started playing and studying piano and liturgical organ when he was 10, with both Italian and foreign teachers. Today he dedicates himself to original composition and loves 20th century classical music (Debussy, Poulenc).

If you enjoy this, be sure to check out Danny Norbury’s Light in August as well as Erik Satie and Debussy.

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