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The self-titled album from DnB producer Sub Focus is an nothing short of action-packed thrill ride. The beats, and subs sound stunning; smooth and well produced. This DnB manages to find a perfect balance between “not too light,” and “not too heavy” in that it has a great sense of space, but one that is not completely overblown and consuming. The track “Move Higher” deviates away from the traditional DnB sound, moving towards a more Deadmau5 house sound with fat, modulating basses, and a grooving rhythm part.

“Let The Story Begin” opens the album with a trippy mix of squealing synths and beats that get the album started in a no-nonsense way; getting right to the meat of it. Carefully chosen samples and mixing really make this track (and all of the tracks on the album) shine while incorporating a low, nasty sound of sawtooth wave synths.

This album is definitely one of the better sounding, and more creative DnB albums I’ve experienced. It seems to venture off farther from the typical sound of DnB today and throw in a few curveballs.

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I wanted to post something a bit more upbeat before the day ends today. I decided on Sub Focus’s latest release Follow the Light / Rock It, two very, very solid tracks released on RAM Records. It’s about a 20 MB download. Drum and bass.

Here’s one of the tracks included …

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