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I wanted to post about Italy-based port-royal’s Flares in anticipation of their new record Dying in Time, to be released on 10.05.09; however, pre-orders will ship September 24th (I ordered it).  $11.25 USD. You can listen to some brilliant previews here. Really, really, cool; the natural next step in port-royal’s music.

Two years have past in all our lives since the release of the port-royal’s “afraid to dance” (Resonant) but the royals have been keeping very busy with writing, recording, touring the EU and Russia, as well as creating remixes for the likes of Ladytron and Felix Da Housecat. For “Dying in time” port-royal have expanded their sound to encompass the more electronically skewed perspectives of synth-pop and even techno while still holding steadfast to their roots and original core sound that has always laid somewhere between shoegaze and emotively soaring ambient. As the title may suggest there is an undercurrent of aching melancholy to the album, as if the band are expressing the feelings they have for the temporality of life’s situations and feelings.

I feel that Dying in Time will be as big of a hit in the electronic music community as Flares is. Here’s a music video of “Jeka” from the aforementioned album (though the “Zobione” series is lovely! Search them on Youtube).

Flares combines lots of shoegaze and post-rock elements with ambient. One of my all time favorite records. Recommended for those who like Hammock and Epic45.

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