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Cold, metallic, and potent are three descriptors that first spring into mind when I listen to this album. Decisive and uncompromising, this record vividly encapsulates some of Black Lung’s best exhibitions of talent yet. In the battlefield of music, this represents the slow moving behemoth that wields ultimate power with phenomenal accuracy. I am reminded of scrap.edx: very similar to Black Lung in a lot of ways. Both artists uniquely create a story behind their music rooted in military history, concepts, technology, and weaponry.

By definition, Full Spectrum Dominance is in itself a controversial military concept involving establishing control over a field of battle by employing a multitude of assets built or trained to be lethal from the get-go, and to be tactically and strategically superior to enemy forces on site. This is accomplished by the large-scale usage of land, air, naval, and space warfare, as well as technological-based attacks (information warfare, computer/network detection, hacking, data retrieval, and so on); all for one goal: to eliminate the enemy as quickly and as potently as possible.

With Full Spectrum Dominance, Black Lung masterfully illustrates this in audio-form: a dark, military-industrial landscape that challenges his previous works as an artist. Listen to this album, and peer into the pulsing imagination of David Thrussell. View the promo sheet.

Awesome album.

This record is recommended. It is available to purchase at:

– n5md’s album order page

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