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This is The Wall by Russian trance artist Arty. The man is a budding producer in the trance community having started in 2009 with the release of the Vanilla Sky EP. Being only 22 years old, he’s made waves around the globe. Above & Beyond caught wind of him last year and subsequently signed him on their Anjunabeats label. From there, he went on to release two fantastic singles dubbed The Wonder and Rush still being spun in DJ radio podcasts today.

In April of this year, Arty collaborated with British trance producer Matan Zohar (Mat Zo) in releasing Rebound also on the Anjunabeats label.

This release in particular has a lot of momentum in it. Being a single, it sports a Remode mix (in other words, not the full length proper version of the embedded track above),  the original extended mix, and perhaps strangely, an acoustic mix.

Acoustic mixes of these releases is something that isn’t common in the trance world but it does a great job introducing a more airy flavor of the song. Make no mistake however – the focal point of The Wall is in its Remode (I am not sure what “Remode” entails exactly but I’ll disregard it) mix: a thunderous foray into trance featuring crisp vocals from Tania Zygar who also made contributions on several of TyDi’s releases based out of Australia.

Out of his music, others have been able to contribute fantastic tracks in the form of remixes including the Nitrous Oxide take of The Wonder heard here. Definitely a lovely track with a lot of energy in it.

He has two singles on the alias of Alpha 9 under the titles “Come Home” last year and “Bliss” in ’09. The former is a bit more relaxed than tracks typically seen from the artist.

With these releases, Arty is quickly becoming a highly sought-after DJ in trance music and I’m sure we’ll see more excellent tracks from him in the future.

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It’s been a while since I’ve come across some real quality progressive trance, but this is definitely a contender for 2010. Every track is a new, high flying adventure that is so full of energy that you feel almost weightless. I’ve found a lot of recent trance just doesn’t have the earth-shattering power it used to. The certain buzzy, saw wave synths aren’t that appealing any more and are a little unpleasant after so long. This album is a much needed refresh on trance.

Another idea that stood out to me was how multi-dimensional this album sounds. I’ve heard so much trance that only focuses on one or two things happening melodically or harmonically, but these tracks are constantly evolving. Stopping to think about what is happening is simply not an option.¬†Fantastic pumping, and shimmering sounds feel at times overwhelming as the sheer melodic depth can be a little difficult to comprehend, however I mean this in the best way possible. The quality in the synth textures are wonderful. I’ve always been fond of gating and filtering to keep a track moving and this is no exception. Effects are layered well; they blend effectively, and are carefully placed.

A sense of constant direction is always leading the way to a more rich and complex place. The deep, warm nature of this music is like an entire ecosystem encased in audio. Every minute detail is bright and vivid. Every sound is like a life of its own life that grows and impacts others around it. I only wish I could spend my entire life living in a world this music depicts.

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i slept in these clothes

Hi guys. Since January, I have consistently received a healthy amount of email regarding the status of Clothes HQ and whether or not I’ll be coming back to post once more (which is totally awesome). I’ve also been asked often whether or not I can “review” new material from budding artists and labels.

Well, it should be apparent by my listening activity that I am alive and well. And although pageviews have gradually decreased since our hiatus at the end of January this year, I find that I am still getting a decent amount of them which seems to indicate that the Internet just isn’t finished with this little page on the corner of the web.

Something to note is that my music tastes have shifted a bit into more of a house direction. This may or may not affect how much I potentially post from that genre. I still listen to a lot of idm, dnb, trance, dubstep, and what not though. And if I do start up again (based on feedback that I will get via email/comments), I’m going to need help on this post.

Sooo. What do you think? I appreciate any and all input. Email me or post a comment below (not sure why people would rather email me over posting below btw :p).

I get a lot of requests asking for recommendations in trance (here and elsewhere, but mostly elsewhere). Thus, I have decided the best way of going about this is that instead of posting several small releases (usually < two-four songs in a trance release, including/excluding remixes from other artists), I’d post a bi-weekly or a monthly multi-part trance compilation. So without further adieu, here is August 2009’s trance selection’s track lists:

Part One includes:

  1. Louk & Stew Ewens – Bad Habit (Original Mix)
  2. Union Jack – Papillon (Original Mix)
  3. Airbase – Escape (Original Mix)
  4. Dave202 – Departure (Original Mix)
  5. Adam Nickey – Shift (Tom Cloud Remix)
  6. Neal Scarborough – Tiberium (Original Mix)

Part Two includes:

  1. 3rd Moon – Monsun (Original Mix)
  2. Elevation – Biscayne (Lemon & Einer K Remix)
  3. Dakota – Chinook (Original Mix)
  4. A.M.R – Afterhours (Original Mix)
  5. Rex Mundi (featuring Susana) – Nothing At All (Beat Service Remix)

Part Three includes:

  1. Cold Blue – Mt. Everest (Original Mix)
  2. Nitrous Oxide – Aurora (Original Mix)
  3. Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge Feat. Meighan Nealon – Faces (Original Mix)
  4. Phynn – Spacewalk (Original Mix)
  5. Black Pearl – Java (Original Mix)

Enjoy! If you like them, these tunes are available to purchase at Beatport.

Highlight tracks from each:

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