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Happy 2011 :P

The Balancing Act is Sadistik’s debut hip-hop album, released in May of 2008. From Seattle, he’s known around the area to play rather energetic shows, often sharing the stage with fellow hip-hop acts like Tech N9ne and Slaughterhouse.

Perhaps one of the most notable things worth mentioning in Sadistik’s work here is that it has sports some of the most well written lyrics that I’ve seen out of recent underground hip-hop albums, combined with top of the line delivery and presentation. It really is one of the highlights for the record, and it comes out as a marked testament to the artist’s ability to create incredible stories.

Often sampling trip-hop extraordinaire Emancipator (featured in half of the album), it comes out to a powerhouse of a result: competent, engaging lyrics juxtaposed with expansive atmospherics from the trip-hop guru, it makes for one hell of an album, from beginning to end.

His other, more recent work is dubbed The Art of Dying, in collaboration with Kid Called Computer, and was released late last year.

Be sure to pick this one up, people. Highly recommended.

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We Only Love You was the debut album of the now-defunct trip-hop act Halou released in 1998 on Bedazzled Records, which is also now defunct as of 2000. The band has a handful of albums out, including their latest self-titled record released last year.

Halou actually doesn’t record under this name any longer. Two out of three members of the group continue to make music under the moniker Stripmall Architecture, a brand new spiritual successor to Halou. The duo has released a four track EP late last year entitled Object01, which is a bit more rock influenced. Their second effort comes in the form of “We Were Flying Kites,” a ten track record of similar sound to Cocteau Twins.

Loop in Blue” in my opinion is one of the strongest tracks on the record. Dreampop-like silky smooth female vocals with a trip-hop-esque background beat makes for an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable song; one of many on the album. Since the label is no longer in existence, you’d be hard pressed to find this album physically.

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Download We Were Flying Kites

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Soon It Will Be Cold Enough is Emancipator’s debut record. Initially released in 2006 without a label, it has been re-released this year with the backing of Hyde Out Recordings.

Inward we go into a world chock full of guitar-based melodies interwoven with trip-hop beats and even a bit of violin work. Having clean vocal samples and tasteful production is just icing on the cake.

Track 03, “When I Go” featuring vocalist Thao Nguyen is one of a kind; spontaneously and playfully singing a relaxed set of lyrics in tune to the song’s (and album’s) unrestricted and easy going atmosphere. Mmmm.

Track 05, “The Darkest Evening of the Year” sounds like something Tim Hecker would do.

We’ve got intricately-woven violins on the first and last tracks that only add to the zesty flavor this record as a whole puts off. Acute beatwork and beautiful melodies permeate the album from start to finish. It comes in at twelve tracks at just about fifty five minutes, which is pretty sizable.

It is actually a really surprisingly solid record and I remain excited for what is in-store for Emancipator fans; definitely a musician to look out for. Recommended!

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Artist’s Website

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Geskia is signed to Japanese independent record label Flau; he makes fantastic downtempo/IDM/ambient-ish music fused beautifully with elements taken from trip-hop, glitch, and breakbeat. There’s a lot of similarities to Obfusc, in the sense that the music feels very “organically” created; a delightful blend between downbeat styles found within the IDM scene and more of an abstract style found within electronic-oriented instrumental hip-hop acts a la Flying Lotus as well as trip-hop acts like Portishead, Hooverphonic, and The Atomica Project.

Extremely enjoyable and laid back, this 15 track, one-hour long record is highly recommended. Lush, beautiful trip-hop-like beats combined with a rich, organic texture and brilliant craftsmanship makes this one a solid hit at Clothes HQ. 5/5.

There is a lot of detail witnessed here; an exercise in boundlessness and finesse. It’s a rich marriage between a multitude of styles spanning multiple electronic-oriented genres. I am extremely impressed with this record; definitely album of the year material. Be sure to check out Eclipse 323, his latest full length that was just pushed out the door on Flau.

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Boomkat (digital download; £6.99/~11 USD)

Flau Webshop ($17 USD)


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The Atomica Project - Grayscale

Wow, what can I say? I’m not even half way done with listening to this album for the first time, and I’ve added it to my to-purchase list (physically, of course). Trip-hop with brilliant female vocals. It’s a very well composed, very detailed album; you can hear how much effort was put into it. I’d like to think that I listen to quite a bit of music, and this particular album stands out immediately. In a similar vein to Portishead and Hooverphonic. The Force is strong with this one. Album description on the website:

Grayscale, the highly anticipated sophomore release from The Atomica Project, embodies in itself the struggle of its execution. Taking nearly 3 years to complete, Grayscale is filled with elaborate narratives of failure and recovery. Loosely based on the dramatic climate of Lauren Cheatham and Wade Alin’s adopted home of Chicago, many of the tracks draw parallels between the cinematic storms of the Midwest and the turmoil of interpersonal relationships.

The download on Flagrant Records is $10 USD, while the physical album (CD format) is $12 USD (update: $10, same as download) . This is the second full length record by this group, the first is called Metropolitan, and for some reason, having not even listened to it yet, I have a very strong feeling that it is as great of an album as Grayscale, if not moreso.

Looks like they’ve got another release in the pipeline.

For more information:


MySpace (looks like they’ve got a concert coming up in my area!)

– Artist profile @ Flagrant Records


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